Feb 2012

VPM is Official Member of NEWTBVAC

TBVI is coordinator of NEWTBVAC (2010-2014), a project for the discovery and preclinical testing of new tuberculosis vaccine candidates. With NEWTBVAC, TBVI wants to: 
  • Sustain and innovate the current European pipeline with new vaccine discoveries, and advance the most promising candidates to clinical stages;
  • Develop new, second generation vaccines. These vaccines should – either alone or in combination with existing vaccine candidates - be able to boost the current BCG vaccine (the only existing TB vaccine, which has little to no efficacy in preventing pulmonary TB) or replace BCG. Furthermore, the vaccines should also protect people with a latent or ‘sleeping’ TB infection from developing the infectious disease;
  • Sustain and innovate the discovery, evaluation and testing of new biomarkers. These will be critically important for future monitoring of clinical trials, and reducing time and resources for clinical trials sites.
Around 35 universities, research institutes and industries from mostly Europe and Asia are collaborating in the project (see list of partners). The research will be supervised, evaluated and supported according to our working model.
NEWTBVAC is funded by the European Union under Framework Program 7, the European Union’s main instrument for funding research in Europe.
NEWTBVAC is the successor of the successful TBVAC project (2004-2009), which was coordinated by TBVI as well.