HCMV Vaccine
VPM2001 is a novel multivalent vaccine candidate for the prevention of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infections.
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VPM5001 Soluferon®
Treatment of MS and Hepatitis C
Soluferon® is a 2nd generation modified type-1 interferon for treating multiple sclerosis and hepatitis C. >> read more

Our Product Pipeline

Three out of five candidates of VPM's pipeline have been successfully out-licensed. Exclusive licenses for these products have been acquired by VPM in early stage and their development was continued partly including phase II clinical trials.

Our clients profit from the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of our products up to clinical phase II as the basis for the consulting services provided by VPM.

The company has also built up a network of reliable partners with proven track-records to ensure efficient realization of each development phase.
Your contact for products and licensing:
Dr. Leander Grode
Tel.+49 511 169908-0